Online Gambling Business: Turnkey Casino Software

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The best thing you can do in 2021-2022 is to launch your own online casino. The world is increasingly moving to the web as the basis for all future human interactions. Less and less manual labor, more and more automation, and more and more time for fun and getting all kinds of virtual points. These points will also be received not by the people themselves, but rather by their avatars. Mobile casino software from Imperium-Games will help operators to involve players even more in the virtual world. Contact us to get the development of a profitable and respectable project.

Lucrative projects where to apply gambling software

Smart investors from around the world have long viewed the gaming industry as one of the mainstays of their equity portfolios. Some investments are paying off tens and hundreds of times over, while others are lagging slightly behind growth trends. Turnkey online casino is one of the most profitable gambling projects. Mobile casino software for betting shops brings huge dividends for operators. Android slots and sports betting brought in 26% and 52% of the industry’s total revenue for 2021.

The market leaders have not changed over the years. Although the competition has increased in 2021, it is profitable to invest in online casinos business and betting sites, just as it was 10 years ago. This trend remains relevant in the coming decade.

You can improve the entertainment catalog of your gaming site with the integration of lottery solutions, sweepstakes software, bingo, progressive jackpots. Bingo and bingo are legal types of entertainment, even in countries where gambling was banned. The current players have a great interest in eSports. The difference between real and digital is increasingly being washed away. Real sporting events are canceled all over the world because of the pandemic, and maybe the actual demand for this kind of entertainment is waning.

Mobile Casino Software: Application of Statistics

The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end. At the moment, according to experts, smartphone users bring approximately 52% of the revenues of gaming platforms. The share of the profitability of mobile online turnkey casinos will continue to grow, gradually replacing desktop solutions. Now, gaming applications are first developed for the mobile experience, and only then are deployed to desktops.

Gamblers love mobile iGaming developments. High-quality images with animations and 3D elements attract more deposits. You can spin the reels with Touch Screen controls or automatically translate the game content into your native language. Relentless, comfortable casino fun at home, at work, on the road — that’s what your customers want.

Creating turnkey online casinos in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. will bring the most revenue in 2021 – 2022. Especially with the software from Imperium-Games, you can attract a stable interest of visitors to gambling. Locals make more money and, as a result, spend more at casino sites.

On the European market, the northern countries of the continent — Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark — are of particular interest. Users from these jurisdictions have the highest LTV (lifetime value) in the world. At the cost of attracting customers in the range of $15-20, operators get $300-400 per session.

All about turnkey casinos with high profitability

Don’t know how to open an online casino and earn good money? Turn to the professionals at Imperium-Games. We offer you to buy a turnkey online casino. The company supplies a gaming platform together with entertainment content, payment software, security programs. Create a respectable casino business with us!