Imperium-Games provides to its customers high-quality VLT software that can be applied in interactive and betting shops, as well as anywhere else where you can spend your free time. A terminal is a computer device connected to the Internet, one or two monitors, a currency validator, a dispenser, a printer, and a magnetic card reader (RFID).

VLTs – player

The first type of software is designed specifically for lottery terminals for immediate play, including both deposit and withdrawal through it. Players have access to over 800 game slots, quick betting games, and a portfolio of sports games from Imperium- Bet, bonuses, and jackpot.

A multi-level club jackpot has been developed for dual-screen terminals, which is displayed on its own screen. Terminals using only the betting software can use the second screen to display live sports events.

VLTs – cashier

Software – cashier allows the user to register, get a login and password, and a link to log in via mobile device or personal computer. The option to play slots and betting games is provided from any place where there is access to the Internet.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the player’s account can be made through a terminal with this type of software, cashier in the gaming room, or through the online casino payment system.

High-Quality Lottery Software

As a true supplier of versatile systems, our company can offer you a gaming system with a server designed to work in betting shops, online casino terminals and retail stores. All VLT casino software we provide is secure and tested under high loads.

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The package includes extensive management capabilities. Includes a project management system. The automation program of the company’s business processes. Wallet management system. Good gamification tools. How to use game mechanics in advertising and increase casino business sales?

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