At Imperium-Games, we actively deliver high-quality VLT software that empowers our customers to elevate their interactive and betting shops Our cutting-edge terminals embody a complete computer system equipped with Internet connectivity, one or two monitors, a currency validator, a dispenser, a printer, and a magnetic card reader (RFID). 

With our advanced technology and comprehensive solutions, you can unlock endless possibilities. Choose Imperium-Games and witness the transformation of your venue into a thriving hub of excitement.

VLTs – player

Imperium-Games takes the lead in designing cutting-edge software tailored for lottery terminals, enabling instant play with seamless deposit and withdrawal capabilities. With access to a vast selection of over 800 game slots, fast-paced betting games, and an extensive portfolio of sports games from Imperium-Bet, players are immersed in a world of limitless entertainment. To add an extra layer of excitement, our software offers lucrative bonuses and the chance to win jackpots that leave a lasting impact.

For dual-screen terminals, we have developed a captivating multi-level club jackpot feature. Meanwhile, terminals exclusively utilizing our betting software allow the second screen to come alive with live sports events, amplifying the thrill of the gaming experience. 

VLTs – cashier

Unlocking a world of convenience, Imperium-Games presents its cutting-edge cashier software. We are empowering your users to seamlessly register, obtain login credentials, and access their accounts effortlessly from both mobile devices and personal computers. With this revolutionary solution, players can relish in the thrill of playing slots and engaging in betting games from any location.

Managing funds in and out of the player’s account has never been easier. Our software supports hassle-free deposit and withdrawal transactions, offering flexibility through various avenues. Whether it’s utilizing terminals equipped with our software, relying on the cashier in your gaming room, or tapping into our secure online casino payment system, we ensure a seamless and secure financial experience. Embrace the freedom and accessibility that Imperium-Games software provides. We are empowering your players to engage in exhilarating gameplay.

High-Quality Lottery Software

As a true supplier of versatile systems, our company can offer you a gaming system. It has a server designed to work in betting shops, online casino terminals and retail stores. All VLT casino software we provide is secure and tested under high loads.

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The package includes extensive management capabilities. It implements a project management system. The automation program of the company’s business processes. Wallet management system. Good gamification tools. How to use game mechanics in advertising and increase casino business sales?

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