Your bitcoin casino website will be hosted on a hosting service that offers PHP / MySql support. In addition, you can add a domain to your hosting to get started.


Our team will provide you with an exclusive platform design, help with its development and ensure technical support. You can also take advantage of all types of payment provided by our company.


We offer turnkey financial infrastructure. Our experience and high qualification in the field of gambling allow us to offer a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time.


Opens up new management possibilities. Manage your dreams. Today, the company offers a range of mobile applications for smartphone users based on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems, which allow you to always be aware of everything.


We integrate and provide only quality game content, which players can get for free when registering on your site. This means that you can really enjoy all these games in demo mode.



Content Management

How do I create text, photo, video, and audio content for my website or blog?

Quick Start

The immediate launch of any project requires developers and entrepreneurs to be fully committed to their work, time, effort, and energy.

Client Work

Manage user accounts, e-wallets, and funds in their accounts.


A wide range of marketing tools that use on their sites by casino companies.


Allows you to prevent leaks of confidential data from company servers, as well as provide maximum security when working on the Internet, but also helps prevent leaks at the user level.


You can use the resource on any device - tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops. The site also has a mobile version of the resource, which does not require installation on a mobile device.

Record System

Generating and customizing reports. Creating and conducting promotions.

Languages Spoken

You can make the same site be in English, Spanish, French, etc.

API Infrastructure

A broad financial infrastructure with more than 100 payment systems, mobile operator payment systems, and other banks located around the world is a big plus for businesses.

How Much Does All This Cost?

You are free to choose any solution that suits you. Our specialist will contact you for further work.


Internet Cafe Software

Mobile Casino Platform

VLTs Software

Our programming team specializes in developing gambling platforms. We offer our clients unique and innovative gambling solutions that combine gaming platforms with the best solutions used in the industry. We have several major projects that we have been developing for several years. Our goal is to create the best online gambling games in the world. To achieve this goal, we take into account all the wishes of our clients, promptly make changes to the code and develop a quality product. As our casino gaming platforms, we provide the games and entertainment you’ve always wanted.

You Should Cooperate With Us


Our casino gambling platforms have a number of advantages that differentiate them from other online casino systems. One of the main advantages of our systems is the wide selection of slots. While most developers don’t create their own range of games, we offer a wide variety of slot machines. In addition, we don’t use middlemen or pay them commissions, so our players don’t have to worry about extra fees and don’t waste their time on data processing.