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If you’ve ever thought about opening a gambling establishment and entering the gaming market in Florida, our company can help you do exactly that. Our casino game development company specializes in supplying gambling equipment and can also assist you with the turnkey setup of your project. Concluding partnership agreements with us, you can expect the best service, a team of highly qualified employees will help you at all stages of cooperation. The services we provide include support, the most advanced gambling software, and the latest sportsbook software. Yes, opening a business in the iGaming field is difficult, especially in a highly competitive state like Florida, but local laws allow the gaming industry to operate completely legally, and the owners of the casinos make huge profits. To learn more about how the casino industry in the lighthearted state of Florida works and how you can make money from it, check out our article.

Florida Gambling Industry

A significant part of Florida’s casinos is located on the Tampa Bay shoreline. Derby Lane Casino, Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, Tampa Greyhound, Tampa Bay Downs, and the St. Petersburg Ocean Jewel cruise casino are all located in this area. These azure shores are where the current history of luxury gambling companies in the United States was formed. The most expensive casino hotels are located along the coastline of Florida. Statistics show that every year, more than a thousand companies open in Florida, doing business related to casinos or supplying casino software. More than 70 percent of them become successful and show continuous growth. By the way, there is no explicit ban on gambling activities in the state law, so players from Florida eagerly join the market of online gambling. Although the official Gaming Commission in the State of Florida was not present, the activity of local gaming establishments is supervised by the public commission of the state’s gamblers and the most respected people from the field. The activities of the commission are mainly focused on helping players who have encountered problems with the casinos.

Traditional Florida Gambling

Jai alai – and betting on jai alai – was extremely popular in Florida up through the ’80s, but interest waned when tribal casinos and other forms of gambling became popular. The Florida State Legislature, in a bid to prop up the sport, passed HB 1059 to allow poker games in pari-mutuel facilities such as jai alai frontons and horse and greyhound racing tracks, which helped the locations stay afloat but didn’t help the sport. There are now only three jai alai frontons in the U.S.: two in Miami and one in Dania Beach. But amateur teams still play. St. Petersburg opened the nation’s first public jai alai court in 2008.

Sportsbook software like local specialty

Horse racing, dogs racing, and other sporting events became a calling card for all who came to Florida for the thrill of the game. At the beginning of the twentieth century, opening your own sports betting room was comparable to finding a treasure chest of gold. The owners of such establishments immediately became the most high-powered businessmen in the state, and their business increased year after year. Just look at the famous Florida Lottery, a new gambling activity that began in 1986 when it was allowed by a constitutional amendment. The Florida Lottery was founded as the leading organization responsible for maximizing revenue by providing high-quality bingo games in the state. But this is the 21st century, and almost anyone can set up their profitable gambling establishment. If you choose to do so in the state of Florida or elsewhere, you can turn to us for the best solutions for both online and land-based casinos. Ready-made sportsbook solutions, the most popular form of gambling in Florida, sweepstakes, and the premier casino software for sales. Contact our managers and will provide the best services. Our support works 7 days a week.