Gaming business of the new century: Online System Gaminator

Online System Gaminator

The British think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs, predicts that by the end of 2022, the share of digital casinos will increase by more than 20%. We should note that the growth will be highest in the European market, as well as in Latin America. 

Experts say that there will be extensive growth in online traffic, and we believe them. Original business ideas will increasingly appear on the market — one great example is Stargame Software — we provide this to all interested operators around the world. 

Imperium-Games has gathered a lot of unique terms of cooperation in its portfolio of café casino program solutions. We will tell you how to open an online casino for a reasonable price.

Café Casino Program: Mobile format developments 

The American Gaming Association presents us with a report showing that in 2020, mobile traffic has generated about 52% of the total annual revenue for operators. Many land-based establishment owners also use mobile development in their business, for instance, to increase player retention. Analysts expect a further increase in mobile traffic metrics to 70% by 2025.

Moreover, players are starting to spend more and more time on platforms — because now, in a post-industrial society of widespread creativity, people have more free time than ever before in history.

Positive development dynamics: Stargame Software

The availability of technology really underpins the development of the industry. Increased usability options characterize the previously mentioned Stargame Software. You can use the casino software regardless of the quality of your network connection. You can also benefit from promoting your services on Google Play because it is now legal in 19 countries. 

Online Gaminator System: what can we offer you?

We are ready to offer you the development of a classic slot machine site and make it much more adaptive to work with mobile traffic. The player will not need to download any additional plug-ins in order to immerse themselves in the gamble. In addition to a purely web-based solution, we can also provide you with a café casino program for land-based operation. You will get full access to bonuses and content catalog via our API. The traditional HTTP protocol guarantees a high response rate and minimal impact on the device’s charge level when properly configured.

Downloadable app: Game product

We offer you the development of a game product designed to work only in the paradigm of mobile devices. In this case, players install the casino app on smartphones or tablets. Users will enjoy automatic saving of session results, jackpot bonuses, and a wide range of content.

Café Casino Program: Cloud gaming

Modern casinos deal with a huge amount of personal data. Operators are responsible for information privacy, and we are helping them to do that. In the past, it was common to use dedicated servers to transmit and store data. Today, the iGaming business relies on cloud computing. This way, you can completely outsource the financial and internal infrastructure — the investor will save more capital.

One company can’t afford to maintain such a system. That is why there are data centers — special buildings with computer and network equipment. The largest international companies (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) take part in the realization of such projects. Innovators have invested more than $35 billion in cloud storage technology in 2020 alone.

Stargame Software: Conclusion

Which sector of the economy do you think is one of the fastest-growing? Obviously, the online casino industry. The most promising IT trends are most visible here. We offer you a wide range of solutions for projects of any format you need — contact us, we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with us.